Lawrence Lek, #Post2 24th December 2014 – 23 January 2015

Snow Falling in a Temple, Twice is a test scene from a film that doesn’t yet exist. Combining slowly panning shots of an vaulted interior with a fragmented voiceover, the visual effects are produced by stopping the rendering process before the digital image is fully formed. The video continues Lek’s explorations into the existential experience of movement, and the cyclical nature of simulated time.

Lawrence Lek‘s work explores the physical experience of simulated presence through immersive installations, audio-visual programs, and site-specific performance. His practice reflects the impact of the virtual on our perception of reality, in particular our altered sense of freedom and agency within this zone. His ongoing project Bonus Levels is a utopian world that unfolds as a series of downloads, videos, performances, and installations. Recent exhibitions include Sky Line at the White Building; Continental Drift at Channel Normal; Tomb, Shrine, Survey-Marker, Spare-Part at Enclave; Tabularium at Slopes, Melbourne; Bodyscape at Parasol Unit.


The Limited Collection

Curated by Rozsa Zita Farkas (@ArcadiaMissa) and Valentina Fois (@LaScatola_)

We asked some of the artists we love to send us a gif each. They are artists that use digital tools at various stages in the production of artworks, and occupy online modes of distribution for both presentation and development, of practice and discourse – around the nature of art today and the relations that implicate the artist within these very social economies.

Featuring 33 international artists:

Aimee Heinemann . Alexandria McCrosky . Alice Khalilova . Anne de Boer . Arvida Byström . Beth Siveyer . Chris Shier . Christopher Schmidt . Eloïse Bonneviot . Emilie Gervais . Faith Holland . Georges Jacotey . Hanna Nilsson . Jeff Baij . Jenna Sutela . Kim Asendorf & Ole Fach . Lawrence Lek . Leah Beeferman . Maja Malou Lyse . Mary Bond . Niko Princen . Petra Cortright . Rachel Lord . Raquel Meyers . Rob Chavasse . Sabrina Ratté . Samuel Kenswil . Sæmundur Þór Helgason . Sullivan and Flint . Tom Moody . Vanessa Omoregie . Viktor Timofeev Yuri Pattison

There will be a new gif each day for 32 days.

Check the project here



POST THE COLLECTION from Christopher Schmidt on Vimeo.

We invited artist Christopher Schmidt to make a special publication and video to celebrate a year of #Post, our virtual residency. You can download the poster/publication here. Enjoy!