David Paredes


David Paredes was born in Lima, Peru in 1977, he lives and works in London. He completed a BA in Fine Arts at Universidad Catolica del Peru, before completing a MA in Visual Arts at Ecole Supérieure des beaux-arts in Le Mans, France. He also obtained a BA degree in Art History from Université Pierre Mendes France in Grenoble, France.


2007 BA Art History. Université Pierre Mendes France, Grenoble, France.
2004 DNSEP, Diplôme National Supérieur d’expression Plastique. Ecole Supérieure des beaux-arts, Le Mans, France.
2001 BA Fine Arts Facultad de arte, Universidad Catolica del Peru, Lima, Peru.


2012 Death of a Traveller, Independent Family Funeral Directors, The Dreamland Art Project III, The Portable Gallery, Embassy of Peru, London
2012 ‘At the End of my Three Stitched Steps’, Vit- rine Gallery, London
2010 BEAUTIFUL FUTURE, I’m a cyborg and I love it, The Dreamland Art Project II, La Halle de Pont-en-Royans, Lieu d’art Contemporain, Pont-en-Royans, France
2010 WHAT GOES ON ? in your (my) mind Espace Vallès, Grenoble, France
2010 J’ai toujours voulu être un gardien de foot. J’ai toujours voulu être un pistoleur à colle, (performances), Espace Vallès, Saint-Martin-d’Hères, France
2009 BACK HOME, Wheels & Waves. The Dreamland Art Project I, LAA laboratoire d’art d’aujourd’hui, Grenoble, France
2007 Toys and Political Games, Galerie du Larith, Chambery, France
2005 Discovery Scrap Adventure Project:
- ScrapGlow, body transformer, performance, Aberystwyth School of Art,
- DSA, vidéo installation, collaboration with Karen Pearce, Opus 17 gallery
- ScrapGlow, body transformer II, performance, Open Platform Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Aberystwyth, Wales, GB.


2013 Represented by La Scatola Gallery at The London Art Fair 2013.
2012 Works on Paper, La Scatola Gallery in association with GX Gallery, London
2011 Roadmaps, La Scatola Galler, London
2010 BLOCUS, a navy-banal action IV, performance, Chelsea Royal Hospital, London, UK
2009 BLOCUS, a navy-banal action III, performance, Parque de la exposicion, Lima, Peru
2009 New Life Show, Je suis censé faire une performance, mais je ne suis pas bien dans mes pieds, performance, Archives départementales de l’Ain, Bourg-en-Bresse, France.
2008 New Life Visuals, New Life Shop gallery, Berlin, Germany
2008 BLOCUS, a navy-banal action II, performance, Mariannenplatz, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
2008 BLOCUS, a navy-banal action I, performance, Place Verdun, Grenoble, France
2007 Borderline, Résonance- biennale d’art contemporain de Lyon, Espace Valles, Grenoble, France
2007 Pommes et Parapluies, performance, Espace Vallès, Grenoble, France
2007 13e parcours de l’art, Avignon, France
2007 Excuse-moi, je suis pressé, performance, Espace Vallès, Grenoble, France
2005 Moonwalkers, Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Le Mans, France
2005 Being in Motion, Performance interactive with The Washroom Collective, 291 Gallery, London, UK
2003 Transformeurs, 35 Heures de Recyclage Artistique, Hangar Alston Hall, Nantes, France
2002 2+3+5=7, El Taller, Lima, Peru
2002 Salon de escultura, La casa de la cultura, San Miguel, Lima, Peru
2002 Video-art, Festival de l’image, Le Mans, France
2002 17 Festival video-arts, Wharf centre régional d’art contemporain de Basse-Normandie, France
2001 Cuatroblepas, Galerie L’imaginaire, Alliance Française, Lima, Peru
2000 Patio inventado, Escuela de Bellas Artes, Cuzco, Peru


2010 ‘What Goes On ? In your (my) mind’, Daniel Maurel, Espace Vallès, Grenoble, France
2007 ‘Borderline’ Espace Vallès, Grenoble, France
2007 ‘Resonance’ catalogue, Biennale de Lyon

Words on David

David Paredes is a Peruvian artist, who started his visual work in Peru. The visual aesthetic of his work has since developed with precision and force in both France and the United Kingdom. As a migrant artist, he has travelled through a playful process, immersing himself in a study of displacement both in the literal sense of linear and chronological continuity and within the parameters of displacement, transformation and evolution. There is also a development of the structures of construction as a metaphor of the artistic process itself.

For David Paredes, the artistic object is not only the final result, but also of substantial import is the journey that the object has travelled in order to reach its final form, this physicality is simply an allegory of continuous transformation, which is oblivious to the ‘static’ and which understands every ‘finality’ or ending as nothing more than part of the journey.

The materials he employs change according to the theme in question, but are generally ‘found objects’, which lend greater objectification to the work, with the aim, once again, of giving a sense of ‘life journey’ to each of his pieces. He uses architectural structures as if they encompass a universe in which his objects are developed, and succeeds in establishing, in this way, a connection between the ‘part’ and the ‘whole’, creating an organisation within the space as the master of his own universe.

The icons with which David works have always been related to transport and to modes of communication (as alternative spaces), which are arrived at from a distance, whether physical or virtual. His themes travel a trajectory, with images of the banal creating emotive memories. These images are generally representations of daily life and context, leading to pop inspired scenes. The idea of real space, for Paredes, is a space of transit, an incomplete space. If that idea of space does not develop within his ‘universe’, either distant or close, it becomes decontextualised and the concept of space loses its nature of transformation, the icons used in David’s work are a reference, not only representing what we see, but also the process of the action itself.

In this sense, the objects and the spaces of David Paredes are the result of a debate between the physical and the conceptual, addressing the ‘whole’ by way of reference to both the beginning and the end result.

Enrique Mendoza, curator and art historian, Lima, Peru.

From the show Roadmaps, 25.10.11 – 12.11.11. Pictures by Liz Boyd