Jose Luis Herrera Gianino


Jose Luis Herrera Gianino was born in Lima, Peru, in 1975. He studied fine arts at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru in Lima. He also completed a Post Graduate Diploma in sculpture at Kensington and Chelsea College of Arts in London. He has been living and working in London since 2004.


2007 Kensington and Chelsea College – London, UK BTEC Sculpture; Professional Development Certificate
2004 Universidad Católica – Lima, Peru Faculty of Plastic Art.
1996 Universidad Particular Ricardo Palma – Lima, Peru Biology Faculty
1995 Museo Nacional de Arte – Lima, Peru Sculpture Workshop “Artemio Ocania”


2003 Winner of the Winternitz Award in specialty of Sculpture, Universidad Católica – Lima, Peru Faculty of Plastic Art


2011 Faith, The Portable Gallery, Peruvian Embassy, London


2011 Roadmaps, La Scatola Galler, London
2010 Art Revolution, “The London Latin American annual art show”, Acquire Arts Gallery, London
2009 PurePeru, Peruvian artist in London, Vibe bar Gallery, London
2009 Viva La Revolucion –Latin American Artist in London Group, Vibe Bar Gallery, London
2007 Sculpture and Painting, Hortensia Gallery, London

Words on Jose

Through innovative artistic language inspired by traditional techniques Herrera aims to represent the clash of faiths and belief he witnessed, upon his arrival to the multi-cultural city of London from Peru. The discovery of a rich variety of religions, which inspire human beings, made him aware of the collision between power, territory, peace and politics.

He observes Faith as the belief or confidence in Truth. It is the reliability on a person, idea or thing in the absence of evidence. It is also the set of belief of a religion, a community or a crowd of people.

By placing religious imagery and folklore from his native Peru out of context, he intends to provide a new content, a message with a greater impact: “I want to reach out the spirit of the viewer by transmitting some kind of impact or shock. I do not like my art to go unnoticed”. Jose Luis Herrera Gianino

“If you believe in a God, or gods, the answer to the question `what is a work of art? ` will depend on what your God or gods decide – supposing, that is, that they have artistic interest. I add that rider because some gods, it seems, do not.” John Carey

From the show Roadmaps, 25.10.11 – 12.11.11
Pictures by Elizabeth Boyd