Russell Maurice


Born 1975, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Early works were rooted in romanticism, exploring the themes of energy, growth patterns, shape, diversity and cycles in the natural world. The central focus of these works was the relationship between modern society and nature.

Maurice’s work is now concerned with the more metaphysical aspects of these themes, particularly the spirit world, concepts of ghosting and theories on the after life. Analyzing what form a spirit could take, and what forms are generally accepted to represent them in culture, objectifying the non solid.

The imagery used is indexical, some works are using the way in which Alchemy is recorded, conveying information in a method that hides the answer, adding to the already present ambiguity. His body of work holds an abstract narrative with a presence of the fantasmal which indicates a desire to re-enchant or mythologize contemporary reality.


2010 A Fine Art, Central Saint Martins
1998 BA Graphic Design, Surrey Institute of Art & Design


2010 Meta Snout, High Rollers Gallery, London (Two man show)
2010 Keista Medis Animacijos Imons (Strange Tree Animation Company), Sons of Studios, Copenhagen (Two man show)
2009 Ridiculous Mushrooms and Woodland Other, Friend & Co, Bristol
2009 Given Up The Ghost, Stolen Space, London
2008 Industrial Light and Magic, Make Art Your Zoo, Tokyo
2008 Thursday Solstice, Good Hood, London
2008 AlphaOmega, Blackmarket, Stockholm
2007 Filament, Workshop, Bristol
2007 Filament, Lazy Dog Gallery, Paris
2004 Maison Verte, Churchill Gallery, Maharishi, London
2003 New Technology Needed, Shutzma, Antwerp
2003 New Technology Needed, 90sqm Gallery, Amsterdam
1997 Whatever, Insane Skatebords, London


2012 Works on Paper, La Scatola Gallery in association with GX Gallery, London
2011 The Face of the Shape, La Scatola Gallery, London
2011 Modern Empire, La Scatola Gallery
2011 Ghosts of gone birds, Rochelle School, London
2011 Universal, Napa Gallery, Helsinki
2011 Ghosts, Ruins, Infinity and Knowledge, Make Art Your Zoo, Tokyo
2011 Asbestos Curtain, Galleries Goldstein, London
2011 Modern Empire, Scatola Gallery, London
2011 Never Judge, Stolen Space, London
2010 New Contemporaries, A-Foundation Liverpool, ICA London
2010 It Was On Earth I Knew Joy, Scion Installation Space, LosAngeles
2010 Stolen Space Summer Show
2009 Head, Prescription Works Gallery, Brighton
2009 Our Ends, Chapter One Gallery, London
2009 Invada, Colston Hall, Bristol
2009 7 Styles For 7 Brothers, Achipeligo, Sheffield
2009 Polytek, Exeter
2008 Universal, Friend & Co, Bristol
2006 AM90, 90sqm Gallery, Amsterdam
2006 Japanese World Fair exhibition, Tokyo
1999 Graffiti Bastards, Custard Factory, Birmingham