Sara Ludy


Sara Ludy was born in 1980. She currently lives and works in Santa Ana, CA.


School of the Art Institute of Chicago: 1998 – 2003
BFA New Media, Presidential Scholarship

Solo + Two Person Exhibitions

2013 SPHERES 1-20, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery; New York, NY
2012 WALLPAPERS , The Sunday Painter; London UK
2012 Sara Ludy + Nicolas Sassoon, Lossless Gallery; Calgary, Alberta
2012 Rooms,; Online
2011 Diaporamas, Hex Gallery; Kansas City, MO
2011 WALLPAPERS, 319 Scholes; Brooklyn, NY
2011 Walkthroughs,; Online

Group Exhibitions

2013 PostPictures, bit forms gallery; New York, NY
2013 POST, Online residency, La Scatola Gallery, London
2013 Different Domain, The Royal Standard; Liverpool, UK
2013 New Aesthetics: Constancy of the Internal Principle, National Centre for Contemporary Arts; Yekaterinburg, RU
2013 INTERNET VIDEOS, presented by Fach + Asendorf Gallery @ PAF Festival; Olomouc, CZ
2013 Net Artist Music Videos, 7 Days of Sound Festival; London, UK
2013 Museum of Internet – Selfie; on Artstack
2013 Salient, Twelve Around One at The Dye House, London, UK
2013 Calculated Movements, Pacific Cinémathèque; Vancouver, BC
2013 Video Snack, 56 Bogart Studios; Brooklyn, NY
2013 The World is !Flat, Denver Theatre District; Denver, CO
2013 Short Visits to Different Worlds, Frame Arts Warehouse; Winnepeg, MB
2013 :::ZIP THE BRIGHT:::, Kenderdine Art Gallery; Saskatoon, SK
2013 Notes on a New Nature, Arti et Amicitiae; Amsterdam, NL
2013 My First 3D, Microscope Gallery; New York, NY
2013 Rigid Bodies,; Online
2013 #SVAES, Postmasters Gallery; New York, NY
2013 Decenter Armory,; Online
2013 Involution, Otras Obras<; Tijuana, MX
2013 DVD DEAD DROP Vol. 5, Museum of Moving Image; New York, NY
2013 :::ZIP THE BRIGHT:::, Trinity Square Video; Toronto, ON
2012 Brooklyn Night Bazaar, 45 N. 5th Street; Brooklyn, NY
2012 The Black Lodge, Interstate Projects; Brooklyn, NY
2012 Space|Place,; Online
2012 IRL, Western Front; Vancouver BC
2012 COMPRESSION, Trinity Square Video; Toronto, ON
2012 Exciting Virtuals, Melina; Dráma, Greece
2012 WALLPAPERS, New Forms Festival; Vancouver, BC
2012 Visual Rhythm, BMOCA; Boulder, CO
2012 Dinca Vision Quest, Thalia Hall; Chicago, IL
2012 BY_YOU_BY_ME_BY_WE, Twelve Around One; London, UK
2012 Video Violence, Kunsthaus Dresden; Dresden, DE
2012 #D, Bronx Art Space; Bronx, NY
2012 Body Manipulations, The LAB; San Francisco, CA
2012 Oslo 10, Bcc 9: DAS EI OHNE SCHALE; Basel, Switzerland
2012 Saamlung Karaoke Lounge: Someone singing like calling your name, Wanchai, HK
2012 Apocalyptic Shift, Eyebeam Art + Technology Center; New York, NY
2012 Swoon Magazine Release Party, Secret Project Robot; Brooklyn, NY
2012 GIFS 4 LIFE, Internet Cafe; Galway, Ireland
2012 Responsive Eyes, Jacob's Island; London, UK
2012 PRIMO ANNIVERSARIO, The Sunday Painter; London, UK
2012 DESKTOP VIEWS,; Online
2012 To Point Oh,; Online
2011 Notes on a New Nature, 319 Scholes; Brooklyn, NY
2011 BYOB São Paulo, Cinemateca Brasileira; São Paulo, Brazil
2011 Random Rotations, The Berkeley Art Museum; Berkeley, CA
2011 Format, The Luminary Center for the Arts; Saint Louis, MO
2011 BYOB Linz, Underpass; Linz, AT
2011 Repetition is a Form of Change, Artisphere; Arlington, VA
2011 Action! Part 2, Ghost Gallery; Seattle, WA.
2011 Stations Balnéaires, by Sabrina Ratté; Montréal, QC
2011 Action! International Film Club, Dazed Live Festival; London, UK
2011 The Armory Show, Rhizome at The New Museum; New York, NY
2011 Getting Closer, Fe Arts Gallery; Pittsburgh, PA
2010 BYOB LA, Gayle & Ed Roski MFA Gallery at USC; Los Angeles, CA
2010 Dream Machine, Fabrien Fryns Fine Art; Los Angeles, CA
2010 Video Performance for Shazzula, Show Cave; Los Angeles, CA
2010 Live Performance, Choate/Becklin Residence; Los Angeles, CA
2010 Live Performance w/ Suzy Poling + Jimi Cabeza de Vaca, Hyperion Tavern; Los Angeles, CA.
2010 Sound + Video Performance, Bohemian Society; Los Angeles, CA.
2010 Bitch Swamp, Mastadon Mesa; Los Angeles, CA
2005 Sound + Video Performance, Club Microwave; Los Angeles, CA
2004 Game Video, Heaven Gallery; Chicago, IL
2003 AVSD Performance, Museum of Contemporary Art; Chicago, IL
2003 Thin Skin Exhibition - AVSD, Chicago Cultural Center; Chicago, IL
2003 Anti-Spacesuit - The Dirty Future, Gallery 2; Chicago, IL
2003 BFA Show, SAIC; Chicago, IL
2002 Reconfiguring Pop, Gallery 2; Chicago, IL
2002 Discount Cinema; Chicago, IL

Artist Lectures + Panels

2013 Visiting Artist Talk, University of Oregon
2012 Pro-Am: Art and Culture on the Internet, Western Front; Vancouver, BC
2012 Visiting Artist Talk, Alberta College of Art and Design; Calgary, Alberta
2012 Conversations at the Edge: A Space In-Between, Gene Siskel Film Center; Chicago, IL

Selected Online Publication + Press

2013 PostPictures: A New Generation of Pictorial Structuralists is Introduced by New York’s bitforms gallery – Huffington Post
2013 Société Perrier – Visual Interview
2013 Rhizome – Prosthetic Knowledge Picks: Net Artist Music Videos
2013 Dazed Digital – Exclusive: Outfit’s House on Fire
2013 Triangulation Blog – Spheres 1-20
2013 Art Fag City – Spheres 1-20
2013 High Brow Dispatch – Spheres 1-20
2012 Dazed Digital – Hybridity in New Art
2012 The Creators Project – Another Time, Another Day
2012 Triangulation Blog – Composition 1
2012 Illuminator – BY_YOU_BY_ME_BY_WE
2012 Kenzo – Interview
2012 Toronto Standard – All That is Solid Melts Into Bytes
2012 Dinca: Six Question Interview
2012 Dinca: Top 5
2012 i like this art – Rooms
2012 Triangulation Blog – Rooms
2011 5×12: Virtual Unknowns
2011 Tumblr Spotlight: Artists
2011 Rhizome: Artist Profile
2011 ARTINFO: How the Internet’s Ceaseless Image Stream Is Changing the Way We See, Create, and Communicate
2011 – Rhizome: It’s Only Humanist
2011 – Rhizome: WALLPAPERS review
2011 – Dinca: Plant Classification
2011 – Rhizome – Show
2011 – Art Fag City – Image Essay, ‘Transience’
2011 – Dinca: Review of Transom
2011 – Why Are There No Great Women Net Artists by Jennifer Chan
2011 – The Creators Project: Making your own gif art
2011 – Bad At Sports: Hyperjunk:Netart Out Of The Past
2011 – Trash Audio Interview


2013 ‘House on Fire’ music video for Outfit
2013 Blue Dither Square website for Sidian, Ersatz + Vanes
2013 ‘Blue Dither Square’ pattern design for Sidian, Ersatz + Vanes F/W13 Collection
2012 Audio for Stelle Negli Occhi, website intervention for Art Licks, curated by
2012 Another Day, Another Time / Plink Flojd
2011 Animated Gif Landscape for Parallelograms
2010 Re-mix of ‘Just Me’ by Sonoio (Alessandro Cortini)
2009 Visuals for Portland based band, Ruby Feathers
2009 Visuals for Chicago based DJ, Brock Manke

Composing Work

2011 CC Headquarters by Nicolas Sassoon
2008 Acura TSX Commercial
2008 Watchmen Movie, Veidt Nostalgia Commercial
2007 One Summer in Austin: The Story of Filming ‘ A Scanner Darkly’
2005 Sunset Chronicles, Puppet Show