The Art Licks Weekend – 4-6 October 2013

Conqueror – The Mutant Red Rabbit in Opus 3

A choreographed performance by artist David Paredes. Volunteers will be invited to be part of a collaborative gesture performance.

Saturday 5th, 6pm

Accessible Suitable for age 16 and under

Andrews Road
London E8 4RL

A choreographed performance that involves body movements, memory and repetitive images in a logic of accumulation through the notion of process.

The main character The Conqueror is both the observer and the passenger. Wearing the iconic Red Rabbit Dungarees, he will be carrying out different actions for the duration of the performance: repetitive banal movements, the reading of text, sitting completely still, and so forth.

Volunteers will be invited to be part of a collaborative ‘gesture’ performance full of signs and symbols related to the artist’s memory, playing the role of Principle Red Guests. The Conqueror piece of red clothing will therefore be present as a repetitive gesture. This red clothing exists as an aesthetic object, form and representation, transforming the perception of the urban/exterior context, where forms and background are in constant movement.

As a further repetitive action, an old, poor quality image of a child wearing red dungarees, from a box of souvenirs, appears in all of the ‘spaces’ or ‘acts’ of the performance-installation. This image, at times anonymous (becoming also a pattern), shows a standing child, ready to be ‘captured’, becoming a trace, a gesture of a moment in time.

The Principal Red Guests will repeat different simple actions, phrases, and movements at times almost static. Their presence, like sculptural forms in the urban space, will be in total contrast with The Conqueror’s presence and actions.

This performance is about the manipulation of the perception of an image by gestures, incorporating movement and constant mutation. It is about a party, exchange and observation.

Artists: David Paredes
Curated by Valentina Fois
Assistant Curator, Lucy Lopez


Conqueror, pictures of the performance 05.10.13

Picture by Greg Goodale Photography