Stephane Blumer

13.01.12 – 15.02.12

La Scatola Gallery is pleased to present Ellipsis, a compilation of new and continuing works from Stéphane Blumer’s fieldwork in the realm of object, medium, and the dimensions of expression.

As abstractly metonymic as they are directly childish in rudimentary expression, emoticons have more and more pervasively (and perversely) peppered messages. By removing these symbols from their text-based homes and inserting them, black, big and bleakly, onto white gallery walls, their significance to feeling and function is monochromatically magnified. Blumer’s translation of fundamental images of emotion back into a stark, complex language is a compelling commentary on the communication between humans and their seemingly always winking minds.

A highlight from Blumer’s oeuvre, ‘Balloon’, will also be on display. This piece, like much of his work, shows the artist’s interest in the constant, excessively curious compromises that humans must make with the materials granted to them, and in the bargains the elements must make amongst themselves.

Blumer’s work communicates its subtle and straightforward messages through a combination of precise experimentation and the chances that well-defined research provides. La Scatola Gallery would like to invite you to partake in this exciting artist’s discussion with spheres that would otherwise remain incommunicable and without shape.

Stéphane Blumer was born in Geneva in 1985; he lives and works in London. Blumer is represented by La Scatola Gallery. Ellipsis is Stephane Blumer’s first solo show.

This show was broadcast 24h/24 and viewable on Ellipsisalive.

Friday 13.01.12
6PM – 8.30PM

An exhibition curated by Valentina Fois.
Words: Chris Piegza.

Images by Raymond Cheung


Emoticons on The Proper Ornaments

Stephane Blumer’s Emoticons in the background of The Proper Ornaments’s interview on Loud And Quiet Mgazine. All the images were taken at La Scatola Gallery