22.11.2011 – 03.12.2011

Laila Shawa, Stamp for a Lost Country

La Scatola Gallery and Janet Rady Fine Art are pleased to present ‘PASSPORT TO PALESTINE’, a group exhibition with artists Fawzy Emrany, Jane Frere, Hazem Harb, Khaled Jarrar, Yazan Khalili, Steve Sabella, Laila Shawa

Taking its title from the celebrated 1949 British film ‘Passport to Pimlico’, directed by Henry Cornelius, ‘Passport to Palestine’ aims, through a combination of painting, photography, installation, video and performance to tackle issues of Palestinian statehood, occupation, the restrictions and difficulties encountered in travelling both into and out of Palestine today.

The artists, whether Palestinian or not, whether living in Palestine or elsewhere, all approach the topic in fiercely individual ways. Each has their own story to tell about the sense of loss, and lack of freedom Palestinians experience by having been born into a nationality which tellingly remains unrecognised as a state despite recent attempts to reverse this. So to hold a Palestinian passport is an irony of circumstance. Why? What for? Who? Ultimately, this leads to the very questioning of identity and what it means to be.

Bring your own passport to the Private View to obtain artist Khaled Jarrar’s stamped permission for you to enter Palestine. A truly unique way to support ‘Passport to Palestine’.

It will be the first time that these artists have exhibited their works together in a group show in the UK.

A percentage of the profits from the sale of works will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians.

Wednesday 23.11.11
6PM – 8.30PM

Janet Rady, Valentina Fois

This exhibition is kindly sponsored by The Mosaic Rooms.
The Mosaic Rooms are an A.M Qattan Foundation project space.


free panel discussion

We are delighted to announce that we shall be hosting a free panel discussion, here at La Scatola Gallery on Saturday 26th November. Artists Laila Shawa and Jane Frere will be in discussion with critics Malu Halasa and Christa Paula about their response to the political situation in Palestine; how they see their work in relation to the politics there and generally as a group whether artists can or even should try to affect the situation.

You and your guests will have the opportunity to join in the discussion and to talk to the artists about their work in the exhibition. The discussion will be preceded by a short presentation by the Charity Medical Aid for Palestinians about their work in Palestine. Donations to the Charity can be made at the time of registration and will be gratefully received.

26th November
from 3.30pm – 5pm, RSVP: please email:


Photos: Malcolm Crowthers