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23.09.11 – 01.10.11

Global contemporary cultural pop-up project by JW STELLA구정원 & Junghyun BAE배정현

JW STELLA Arts Collective is pleased to announce the contemporary cultural pop-up project ‘MY SHOPPING BAG: allegories of Seoul 2011′ with the invitation by La Scatola Gallery as a part of London Design Festival 2011.

‘MY SHOPPING BAG: allegories of Seoul 2011′ is an exhibition which profiles the current vibrant cultural allegories of Seoul in summer 2011, under the context of contemporary art practice and it aims to examine what it means to understand contemporary cultures in the era of post-globalization in the 21st century.

Cultural anthropologist, Ralph Linton defines culture as ‘The total way of life of any society’. In the era of post-globalization in the late 21st century, contemporary cultures and the ways of contemporary lives in the universe are constantly evolving at this moment. Due to the expansion of ubiquitous Internet networks, the world is connected in one zone and the diverse cultures within the zone are effortlessly influencing each other through these vast social interactions. Through the interactions between the old and the new, the global and the local, we can see that organically formed new born cultural codes are being produced.

Therefore, when it comes to discourse on a contemporary culture in this sense, it must have been done on the tense of present continuous as they are continuously changing. Through cultural allegories which can be read as cultural codes we can gain a vivid understanding or interpretation of cultures.

In this sense, is an exhibition which profiles the current vibrant cultural allegories of Seoul in summer 2011, under the context of contemporary art practise. The work is a collective of the cultural allegories which are archived and edited by the perspective of one individual, Jung-hyun Bae, based in Seoul through the continuous discussion with the curator.

Junghyun BAE(배정현) has been working at the forefront of Korean consuming culture and industry, namely ‘fashion’ and ‘shopping’ since the turn of the new millennium – the era of many changes. As the first Shopping columnist in Korea, a fashion journalist, and a publisher, she has been working very actively locally and internationally by examining young Korean contemporary taste and also leading to create new trends. As a former editor in chief of global fashion magazine ‘NYLON’ Korea, she also plays a role in mediating the contemporary esthetics of diverse cultures from metropolitan cities such as London, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo.

This exhibition brings together an installation consisting of objects and photographs, which are the signs of Seoul, collected by BAE within the territory of her work and her mundane life during the hot summer of Seoul from 1st to 31st August. This exhibition will give the opportunity to experience the contemporary esthetics of Seoul, visitors will be voyeurs of the artists shopping bags having just arrived in London from Seoul.

JW STELLA(구정원) is an independent curator, cultural mediator and lecturer based in London and Seoul. She curated high profile contemporary art exhibitions which the concepts focused on socio- cultural anthropology, such as ‘SUMBISORI’ 2009 (Jeju Museum of Modern Art, Korea), ‘NABATT: a sense of being’, Saudi Arabian contemporary art exhibition for 2010 Shanghai World Expo (Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, China). As a founding member of SUUM Contemporary Art Project, London, she also project managed ‘Fantasy Studio’(Liverpool Biennale 2008, UK) and ‘Good Morning Mr. Namjune Paik’ 2008 (Korean Cultural Centre London, UK)

JW STELLA Arts Collective is non-profit collective team consisting of arts & cultural professionals. This exhibition is kindly sponsored by Seoul Design Foundation and Light and Motion, London.

This exhibition is curated by JW STELLA and organized by JW STELLA Arts Collectives with the invitation by La Scatola gallery.

Friday 23.09.11
6.30 – 8.30pm

Opening reception:
Wine & Cocktail party.
Opening performance:
Korean-POP & House mix by DJ Xaver