08.12.11 – 10.01.12

Without the innovative approaches to medium that a handful of up-and-coming artists have displayed, La Scatola Gallery could not have so fully realised its first-year ambitions.

La Scatola Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition with the best multinational emerging artists working in London, Rebecca Ackroyd, Stéphane Blumer, Balint Bolygo, Ronin Cho, Blue Curry, Daniel Eatock, Rowena Harris, Hirofumi Isoya, Hannah Catherine Jones, Jukhee Kwon, Fabio Lattanzi Antinori, Russell Maurice, Steven Morgana, Alicja Pytlewska, Tal Regev, Lisa Selby, Richard Stone, Sarah Tew, Dominic Wilcox, Kentaro Yamada, Gyeong Yoon An.

At a time when ‘mixed media’ has become a blanket with which to cover and obscure the formerly well-defined and hard-fought realms of sculpture, painting and installation, any working definition of medium becomes both abstruse and all-inclusive. Rather than abide complacently within the abyss of namelessness, ‘THE FACE OF THE SHAPE’ will showcase a new era of sculpture, one that does, in fact, mix media to explore form, but also embraces each dimension, of space and of concept, more fully, in contour, craft and narrative, than its recent predecessors. To highlight the success both of the gallery and of the pioneering practices of a select group of artists, La Scatola is pleased to present ‘THE FACE OF THE SHAPE’.

By allowing paint to perform, Sarah Tew sculpts the evolution of colour and of portrait. Steven Morgana’ s use of light as object and surface as a point of well-defined deflection results in effervescent, fluid formations. Ironic as shape on display, the nature of nature is transformed by Daniel Eatock through his synthesis and [dis]ambiguation of sight and symbol. Balint Bolygo assembles his machines at the point where art and science meet. As a way of defining the many shapes that ghosts, of soul and of practice, inhabit, Russell Maurice alchemically melds figure into a mythical, immediately-real afterlife.

Rebecca Ackroyd, through blueprint and three-dimensional body, addresses the geometry of shape and the converse. Hannah Catherine Jones uses sculpture as a site for performance, and performance as the setting for spontaneous unknowns. Blue Curry, in their assemblages of bulb-bases and beans, make things into other things. Hirofumi Isoya hangs light from light, giving shape to dangling particles. Lisa Selby’ s ceramics, both found and personally fabricated, reshape taste. Jukhee Kwon’ s spatial transformations expand and shrink space and what it momentarily and permanently contains.

Gyeong Yoon An ’s deconstruction of icons questions history, of sculpture and of humanity, by interrogating personal narration. Between light and dark, tangible and ungraspable, Richard Stone installs his spaceless sculptures where boundaries creep into their own limitlessness. In her exploitation of material and shape, Rowena Harris makes formal demands of abstraction. Equipped with an inventor’ s sense of the experiment, Dominic Wilcox tests the constraints of found objects against manmade motivations. Sharp as much as they are shaggy, Alicja Pytlewska and Fabio Lattanzi Antinori ’s forms adjust and disrupt his viewer’ s focus with their impossible silhouettes. Kentaro Yamada’ s use of energy mimics the human body’s appropriations of air and the subsequent respirations. Ronin Cho communicates through a spirited fabrication of technology and mechanical inspiration.

Although each artist’ s young ouevre is individually intriguing, it is the ambition of this group show to accentuate the new course that they are taking sculpture in. Whilst unable and unwilling to label the astounding differences between each featured artists’ aspirations, this show presents a common vision of expression through sculpture. Please join us as the gallery and the artists welcome the new directions shaping the future of form.

During the Private View, we will present a performance with artist Hannah Catherine Jones, a collaborative performance with artists Daniella Valz Gen and Tal Regev and a performance with artist Stéphane Blumer.

Thursday 8.12.11
6PM – 8.30PM
RSVP is essential

An exhibition curated by Valentina Fois.
Words: Chris Piegza.

This exhibition is kindly sponsored by Jeremiah Weed, La Mia Italia, Bluntfilms and L’ANIMA.

Images by Original&theCopy and Hirofumi Isoya


Watch the video of the Private View