La Scatola Gallery, Post, Review / interview by 1883 Magazine: ‘Post is a monthly virtual residency programme organised by La Scatola Gallery that focuses on artists who engage with the digital in a post internet age’.

Renaissance Woman, interview for Makeshift, 2014.
How do you bootstrap an art gallery from nothing? What can a culture entrepreneur get out of technology? Enterprising gallery founder Valentina Fois has her sights set on a digital future.

Goldsmiths University of London, Postgraduate Guide 2014 entry. Director and Curator Valentina Fois, ambassador of The Department of Visual Culture.

The Guardian live chat: Making residencies work for both venue and artist

La Scatola Gallery, Director and Curator, Valentina Fois has been invited to be part of a panel in an online live chat for The Guardian where they discussed about making residencies work for both venue and artist. You can read here all the comments.

Wild Culture: “Elsewhere in the Art Projects section – probably stronger and more interesting than in previous years – a number of galleries excel. The most diverse but consistently engaging is, for me, La Scatola.”

1883 Magazine: “We are particularly pleased to include in the above list La Scatola gallery, for the first time this year at the fair. The gallery founded by Valentina Fois in 2010 shows a range of work engaging with – and against – the prophetic notions of art and civilization by Steven Morgana, Sarah Maple Sarah Tew, David Paredes, Stephane Blumer and Tal Regev. Particularly interesting is Morgana’s Mottainai, an obelisk made out of cardboard reflecting on our relationship with nature and referencing Michelangelo Pistoletto’s work.”

Fad Website: “Steven Morgana at La Scatola Gallery: “When Steven Morgana saw Michelangelo Pistoletto’s ‘The Mirror of Judgement’ at the Serpentine last year, he wasn’t impressed, concluding that ‘taking a spiritual stroll through a cardboard labyrinth to then worship one’s image at a mirrored obelisk’ did ‘nothing to engage with conditions of today’s globalised societies’”.

Wild Culture: “As part of London Art Fair next week, La Scatola – one of the most consistently engaging contemporary art galleries in London – is presenting a project by Australian-born artist Steven Morgana that holds this mirror of judgement back up to Pistoletto himself, and, indeed, perhaps, to contemporary consumer society more generally.”

La Scatola’s Director & Curator Valentina Fois was interviewed for the Timeless issue of 1883 Magazine- available Dec 1st 2012.

Everything is Possible, featured on Criticismism, “Matthew Stone is not cool, he is stone cold.”

i-Society: Everything is Possible Exhibition Opening at La Scatola Gallery, featured on i-D

Everything is Possible, featured on 1883 Magazine

Everything is Possible, a major solo show with artist Matthew Stone, featured on Culture24

Everything is Possible, a major solo show with artist Matthew Stone, recommended by Time Out London

Everything is Possible, a major solo show with artist Matthew Stone, on the Top 5 shows for the Arts and Events listings this September on First Thursday

Just days before Tate Modern’s new Tanks open to the public, Gloriana Riggioni ponders the implications for performance art in a digital age. Valentina Fois, our director and curator gives her contribution for Spoonfed.

Being featured on 1883 Magazine

A Curator’s View: Jukhee Kwon’s Books Reborn on Jotta
Curator and founder of La Scatola Gallery, Valentina Fois gives insight into the latest artist to join their ranks, Korean born, London based Jukhee Kwon, a Camberwell MA Book Arts graduate who ‘destroys’ books in order to give them a new life as epic sculptures.

Being featured on Criticismism, a review by Mark Sheerin

“The Future Feels Like A Phantom Limb” featured on Roves and Roams, a lovely review by Anna McNay.

“The Future Feels Like A Phantom Limb” featured on 1883 Magazine

‘The Future Feels Like a Phantom Limb’ on NEW PLACES IN JUNE featured on Pauls Art World

“The Future Feels Like A Phantom Limb”, Steven Morgana’s first solo show is in this month’s Top Five on First Thursday A Curator’s View: Steven Morgana, a rainbow after the storm on Jotta

Stephane Blumer’s Emoticons in the background of The Proper Ornaments’s interview on Loud And Quiet Mgazine. All the images were taken at La Scatola Gallery

Punctuating on Criticismism  

Punctuating on Spoonfed

A Curator’s View: Bugarella, a new queen of the dark, by Valentina Fois

La Scatola Gallery featured in Arterynyc 

Exchange on Criticismism 

Exchange on Fad Website

Exchange on the Connaught Hotels

Exchange, on  Spoonfed

Exchange on Time Out: Sadotti in Conversation

Exchange on Culture 24: La Scatola unwraps series of free talks about future of art at a City-based gallery

A Curator’s View: David Paredes’ evolution, by Valentina Fois of La Scatola

Made in Shoreditch - Art in Shoreditch: Interview with Valentina Fois from La Scatola Gallery

A Curator’s View: Ronin Cho’s Kinetic talent, by Valentina Fois of La Scatola

A Curator’s View: Valentina Fois of La Scatola
Sarah Tew

Triangulation Blog
8.12.11 – 10.01.12

Global News
8.12.11 – 10.01.12
Review by James Brewer

Amy Stephens listed on The World of Interiors Magazine October Issue for the show ‘Spatial Territories’ at La Scatola
06.10.11 – 16.10.11

Global News
Spatial Territories
Amy Stephens at La Scatola
Review by James Brewer
12th October 2011

Ebbing at La Scatola featured in this weekends Guardian Guide
14.07.11 – 15.08.11

The Guardian Guide

14.07.11 – 15.08.11
Review by James Brewer

The Creators
Behind the Object
Ronin Cho and Kentaro Yamada
09.06.11 – 09.07.11
Ronin Cho Gives Weight To The Unseen

Behind the Object
09.06.11 – 09.07.11
Ronin Cho and Kentaro Yamada
By Francesca Zedtwitz-Arnim for Portable

Behind the Object
09.06.11 – 09.07.11
Ronin Cho and Kentaro Yamada
Review by James Brewer

31.03.11 – 16.04.11
Hendrik Schneide
Slicing money: artist makes inflation a physical reality
By Alice Vincent

The Time Is Now
Featuring Maddalena Petrosino, Sarah Tew, Pauline Thomas and Wilfrid Wood
27.01.11 – 26.03.11
Review by James Brewer