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#Post is a virtual residency, hosting a different artist each month. The residency programme will focus on artists who engage with the digital in a post internet age, using La Scatola’s website as the gallery space. The work presented by each artist is linked by the temporary space it inhabits.

Each residency will remain visible on the website. Through existing solely online, #Post2 is by nature an open project, widely accessible and able to be framed in any number of contexts, without being tied to a physical space; in this it can be viewed as a constantly developing exhibition framework.

#Post2 is curated in turn by each resident artist.
The programme has been curated by Valentina Fois.

Emilie Gervais 20.09.14 – 19.10.14
Faith Holland 20.10.14 – 19.11.14
Viktor Timofeev 20.11.14 – 19.12.14
Lawrence Lek 20.12.14 – 19.01.15